Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Flat-roofed House Art Print


A creative, digital art print of a Mid-Century Modern Butterfly style house as seen in Palm Springs.

Creative, digital art print of a Mid-Century Modern Flat-roofed style house as seen in Palm Springs. This illustration combines typical elements of Mid-Century Modern Architecture and is inspired by the iconic flat roofline design, and the very retro breeze-blocks. I love the desert flora and have included a few here.

The word “modern” often comes up when people talk about Palm Springs. It’s a modern mecca for visitors. It’s also a living museum of mid-twentieth century architecture, where homes and buildings look as if they could have been designed last week instead of in the last century. In fact, you can’t avoid seeing mid-century architecture in Palm Springs, and many people go there just to revel in it.

The mid-20th Century Hollywood A-listers hired the era’s most visionary architects to design sleek, modern Palm Springs homes that embraced the desert environment. Their creations were suited to the desert climate, with lots of glass and clean lines, using innovative materials to create spaces for indoor/outdoor living.

Today, the area celebrates its fashionable heritage in a number of ways, from flat-roofed houses to its desert gardens and retro poolside culture – oh, and breeze-blocks as an architectural feature!

Please note: item for sale is a print only, not including the frame.

Colours may vary from how it looks on the screen.


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